Jefferson Harris Studio

Album Covers

The visual component of music has always been intriuging to me. 
I’m facinsated by the way sound and image can interact to tell a story. These are some of the images for music projects I’ve been commissioned to create, as well as some covers for my own music.

Editorial Illustrations

In November of 2022 I took on a position as the Art Director of Institutional Investor, an online financial magazine. I’m in charge of the artwork for the daily editorial posts. Sometimes facilitating it, but mostly creating it. I’m still there currently, making all storts of new art each week.

Kinfolk Art Direction

Kinfolk is an augmented reality app used to educate on Black history through engaging with 3D models of historic figures in site specific installations across the country. I started working with them in 2021, and since then I’ve made the graphic components for several of their activations, including covers and illustrations for accompanying workbooks, as well as designing some of those workbooks themselves.